theNightWatchMan seeks to provide a sober and alternative view on everyday issues affecting our beloved country, Zimbabwe. We hope to share ‘the other view’ after all the day’s headlines and rumours have been dissected. The blog will endeavour to start and encourage conversation on virtually anything, as long as it touches you and me in some way. It is a platform for unregulated interaction, exchange of views, and social engagement.

It is important, however, to state clearly what this blog is not, and, will not be about. It is not a news outlet. Opinion board, maybe. It will not publish news, align itself with, or actively promote a particular political, economic, or religious view. What it will do is give an independent view to issues of public interest, some of which may or may not have been published in the media.

We will try not to be too formal, stuffy, or official. We ask just two things from you, dear reader. First, to leave your comment after reading. Second, is to, using the buttons provide, share the posts on social media. That said, we implore that we all be respectful to each other, avoid personal attacks and that we keep our language clean.

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